Toddler Area

The toddler setting is based within the main nursery building and is a self-contained unit, all on one level. The toddler area benefits from two large, spacious multi-function rooms that incorporate all areas of learning, a creative room, a role play room, two spacious outdoor areas and an outdoor classroom. The layout allows children to explore through their own interests and curiosity, but also allows for their day to be a little more structured following a simple routine, ensuring the children have opportunities to develop in each area.

We use the Early Years Foundation Stage as a framework incorporating the seven areas of learning to plan activities and routines for the children. Activities include sorting shapes and sizes supporting problem solving, reasoning and numeracy. Storytelling, rhymes and singing are used to encourage communication, language and literacy. Water and sand offer opportunities to develop knowledge and understanding of the world. Dance and Music offer sensory experiences.

All children are assigned a keyworker to look after their everyday needs and to provide a familiar adult for them to relate to. Through close contact, assessment and observation keyworkers plan appropriate activities and experiences to support their key child’s progression and development. Information regarding your child’s day is passed on by the key worker at the end of each session. Nursery practitioners work in partnership with parents and parents views are very much considered when planning for the individual child. Any worries or concerns you may have for your child can be discussed with your child’s key worker and support will be provided for instance: staff will provide guidance and support with toilet training, behaviour management, sleep issues, etc

We support the toddler’s curiosity and desire to make sense of the world around them. We offer a secure environment with caring adults who enable the toddlers in our care to explore, investigate and enjoy the learning experiences we have to offer at Harrison