Upper and Lower Preschool

Our very well resourced pre-school is located in the main building and consists of an ICT suite, creative/ mark making room and a multi functional room incorporating a large climbing frame on the ground floor. On the first floor we have a separate Montessori classroom which is richly resourced with Montessori equipment and offers many opportunities for which learning skills for the future can take place. We also have a numeracy/ literacy room a small world/ construction room, a creative/ role play room and a library.

The pre-school offers neutral décor for a calming yet stimulating presence underpinning the Montessori ethos which we continue to use throughout everyday activities and learning opportunities. Displays of children’s work and topics of interest are placed at different levels accessible to all who visit our setting. Staff devise children’s planning following the Early Years Foundation Stage offering a high standard of quality care using a variety of sources to develop skills and learning in all of the 7 key learning areas. Staff adapt planning incorporating children’s individual needs and preferences, keeping evidence, observations and assessments in their own individual learning journals.

Pre–school also offers extra curricular activities such as music and movement and French lessons.  The outside area including a covered outdoor classroom, promotes a multitude of different activities 5that challenge the children to develop different skills, whilst ensuring their safety with a soft protective surface. Mealtimes are a sociable interaction opportunity were the children are encouraged to become independent, learning good table manners, setting their tables, pouring drinks and serving meals whilst encountering health and nutrition and personal hygiene such as brushing their teeth. Upper  Pre-school also have a robust transition plan in place for when children leave to start school.

Staff work alongside parents using good practice to make their child’s transition as comfortable and as stress free as possible. This is through careful planning of activities, story telling and discussion. We link the transitions to their new school by arranging for your child’s new teacher to visit your child at nursery where possible, also we aim take your child to visit their new school and their new teacher on an arranged visit also.

Pre-school is a happy, caring and fulfilling experience within which your child can explore, develop and learn.