General FAQs

General FAQs

Here at Harrison our aim is to ensure your child’s introduction to our setting is as stress free as possible, we aim to achieve this by inviting you and your child to visit the nursery prior to your child’s official start date. We then offer 3 settling in sessions.

  • Session 1- We suggest that you stay with your child for an hour, meet your child’s key worker whilst discussing your child’s routine.
  • Session 2- You are invited to leave your child for one hour.
  • Session 3-We suggest that you leave your child for two hours, so that they can stay and have lunch or snack.

If more settling in sessions are required these can be arranged to meet individual child’s needs. Children are encouraged to bring in comforters in order to aid the settling in process.

We recognise and understand the anxieties for both you and your child when starting at nursery. Some children will settle in on their first visit and others will take a little longer to get used to their new environment.

A manager from the nursery will contact you a few weeks before your child’s official start date to discuss convenient times for you both to visit us and become comfortable with your new environment.

You will be able to stay in the room with your child on initial visits and then we recommend leaving your child in our care, enabling the key staff in the room to start to form a relationship with your child.

  • In the baby room we work with a ratio of 1:3,
  • in the toddler rooms the ratio is 1:4,
  • in the pre-school the ratio is 1:8.
When your child starts Harrison they will be allocated a key worker, as well as a secondary key worker.

Your child’s key worker will spend time helping your child to become familiar with the setting and to feel confident and safe within it.

The key worker is responsible for meeting the needs of their key child and responding to their behaviour, they will also keep records of your child’s development.

Key workers will work alongside parents to ensure the individual needs of each child are met.

In the event your child’s Key Person is absent for annual leave/sickness etc, we have secondary Keyworkers who will provide for your child;s needs in place of their primary Keyworker. Your child will be familiar with the rest of the nursery team and we will ensure that they receive the same amount of care and attention at all times. The children’s legal ratios are exceeded on most occasions and never fall below the legal minimum requirements.
In the event that your child suffers from an allergy/intolerance we will develop a health care plan for your child, making arrangements for staff to attend any necessary training. We will also ensure all food supplied is appropriate to the plan and can be consumed by your child.
Each child is provided with their own nursery peg for their belongings, it is recommended that you bring a bag containing a change of clothes, a spare vest, bottles if needed, nappies and wipes as well as weather appropriate outerwear e.g. coat, hat etc. It is important that all belongings are clearly marked with your child’s name as often children have the same clothing etc. Regarding nappies most parents prefer to bring in a pack, their child’s key worker will inform you when they are running low.
Here at Harrison we strive to promote good health and hygiene for all children in our care. This includes monitoring children for signs and symptoms of communicable diseases such as chicken pox, measles, vomiting and diarrhoea etc.

If signs and symptoms of illness appear staff will inform the child’s parents immediately. With the welfare of the sick child in mind parents will be asked to collect him or her as soon as possible. A record of the children’s illness will be kept.

Parents are asked to keep their children at home if they have any infection/illness and to inform the nursery of the nature of the illness so that the nursery can keep a record of this and if needed inform other parents.

Nursery staff can administer medicine- a medicine form must be completed prior to doing so, this is for children who are not 100% but are well enough to attend nursery.

Fresh air is very important, and your child will have daily access to the nursery’s outdoor area.

Subject to the constraints of the nursery buildings children still have permanent access to the outdoor area and can choose to play inside or outside. In addition, we take children on trips and outings in the local area so they can learn about their communities and have access to a wider range of learning experiences.

Outdoor play- we now have outdoor learning classrooms which have heating and lighting, this allows the children to access all of the resources they do inside, outside, regardless of the weather.
All key workers are qualified in childcare to NVQ level 3. All Managers and Supervisors have further educational qualifications in Management or Childcare to enable them to be suited to their roles and carry out the management and leadership of the nursery efficiently. Harrison Day Nursery s committed to promoting the professional development of all staff, training is refreshed constantly throughout employment, staff also attend various courses including Food Hygiene, Safeguarding Children and First Aid. These are continuously reviewed and updated frequently.
Effective communication is central to building good relationships between parents and the nursery staff. We find that face to face communication is best but we also have other ways we communicate with you to complement this, our Suggestions Tree is portrayed in the parents waiting area for comments and ideas to be placed. Questionnaires are sent annually to gather important information that allows parents the opportunity to voice opinions and preferences and our regular newsletter and website links keeps parents informed of upcoming events and nursery news.
Our keyworkers are trained to plan for and meet children’s individual learning needs. Keyworkers observe their key children and identify strengths, developmental needs and interests and build on these through the weekly plans. Short and medium term plans for the children are displayed in the Pre-school area. Each child’s Key Person is responsible for completing an Individual Learning Journal for them. This is an assessment of your child’s progress and allows staff to record achievements against the six areas of learning outlined under the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework.
As children develop physically, particularly in their early walking stages, accidents can occasionally happen. Our nursery staff are all trained in Paediatric First Aid and are on site at all times. If your child has had an accident at nursery you will be informed when you collect your child and you will be asked to sign an accident form. Should your child have an accident whilst at nursery which requires further medical support you will be contacted immediately and the necessary action taken. In extreme cases this could involve calling for the support of the emergency services.
The nursery staff will only administer medications with Parents/Carers authorisation; this includes the administration of long term medication such as an inhaler and external medications such as creams. There is a sickness policy in place and certain illnesses will require your child to take time off nursery so not to put others at risk, using the guidance for infection control guidelines.
It is imperative that children have set boundaries of behaviour for their own safety and the safety of their peers. We have a Behaviour Manager and a Behaviour Policy in guiding staff and parents with issues concerning behaviour. We keep up to date with legislation and research on behaviour guidance. Our aim is to promote good behaviour and ensure that all children are provided with love, care, security, adequate rest, the freedom to explore, a positive self image, suitable adults as role models, consistency in their treatment, suitable boundaries, opportunities for self expression and learning.
In the unlikely event that you are unable to collect your child from the nursery at the agreed time, and no contact has been made with the nursery to inform them of alternative arrangements, every attempt will be made to contact you. If this is unsuccessful the nursery will contact the nominated emergency contact person and request that they collect your child as soon as possible. A member of staff will remain with your child until he or she is collected. In the event of somebody else who has not been to pick your child up before we have a password system to ensure safeguarding risks are minimal.
Yes. The nursery plans in advance for meals, staffing and other resources therefore fees are payable whether or not your child attends. The payment acts as a retainer.
If you have a concern regarding the nursery this should be raised immediately with the Nursery Manager Jane Molyneux. You can contact us on 0151 512 1046 8am-6pm or . We will endeavour to work with you and the nursery staff to reach a resolution. The matter will be recorded as either a concern or complaint, depending on the circumstances. In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the resolution you can also raise a complaint with Ofsted by contacting them on 0300 123 1231.