Pre-School FAQs


We prefer the Pre-school children to wear uniform as we feel this enables them to form a sense of belonging here at the nursery. Uniform allows the children to be easily identifiable on outings and it also prepares them for wearing uniform when they make the transition to Primary School. We believe that wearing uniform creates a respect for the learning environment and teaches self –discipline. Uniform is available to purchase direct from the nursery.
Many children on their transition into the pre-school will require a sleep time during the day. Our preschool has sleeping facilities for the children, who are offered a rest period during the day, usually after lunchtime if they attend for the whole day. If your child does not want to sleep during the day we have cosy corners for which they can have rest/quiet time if they wish to do so.
This method of teaching is to provide the Pre-school children with the Montessori philosophy based on the principals of the Italian doctor, born 1870 called Maria Montessori. The ethos of this approach is to respect each child as an individual whilst guiding them towards different goals, yet allowing them the freedom within their learning experiences to achieve it using self selection. By keeping direction to a minimum, the aim is to enable the child to effectively ‘teach themselves’. The Montessori approach sees each child as an entity set within a wider context – that of the world, history, society and so on. This means that children are also introduced to the idea of being independent within a universe which they know, understand and feel comfortable in.
We believe the Montessori approach of placing importance on grouping the children in mixed age ranges so that all ages within the Pre-school are represented. The idea is that the younger children will learn from the older children and the older children will help the younger children.