Early Years Entitlement FAQs

Early Years Entitlement

No. You may only claim for children who are registered with you on the headcount day. Where a parent has told you they will not be staying beyond that date you may not claim for them.
No. The Code of Practice for Local Authorities on Delivery of Free Early Years Provision for 3 and 4 Year Olds states that there should be no payment made by parent/carers in respect of a child’s entitlement under any circumstances.
No. You may only claim for children who are registered with you or expected to be with you on headcount day. This also applies to those children on a staggered intake.
No. If a child is with you for headcount date, the funding will remain with you for the entire term.
Yes, where your setting is full but not otherwise. As a 3 and 4 year old provider you have agreed to offer places to eligible children under this scheme. Settings in receipt of 3 and 4 year old funding may not refuse a child their entitlement on the grounds of claiming a funded place.
Yes. Providing the child was registered with your setting. A completed application form is required and funding will be released for the whole term.
No. You will keep the funding for the higher number of hours for this child until the end of term.
In future settings will only need to submit application forms for new children.
Please complete all relevant details in this box. Please inform us if the child has entered your setting with an identified need or whether this has been identified at your setting. If a need has been identified please let us know which level. It must only be one of the three options provided. If a child is currently being assessed then they would not be included as having been identified.
This information is required by Department for Education and is stored in our database and uploaded to DfE with the Census data in January.
Headcounts dates are always the third Thursday in January for spring, the third Thursday in May for summer and the first Thursday in October for autumn.
Estimate payments (made at the end of the previous term) are calculated using actual figures from the year before. You are paid 50% of that amount.

Actual payments are calculated using the paperwork submitted following the headcount. The number of hours is multiplied by the number of weeks in the term and again by the hourly rate. Don’t forget to deduct the estimate payment from what you expect to receive for your actual payment.

The first payment (estimate) is made at the end of the previous term. The second payment in the term will normally be made on a strictly first come, first served basis. However, if there is paperwork missing or a query with your claim this will delay processing your claim. The Finance Team will aim for the release of your second payment by the:

  • end of February for the spring term
  • mid to late June for the summer term
  • mid to late November for the autumn term
Yes, but hours can be split between 2 settings only, this may be a private provider or a maintained school. However, they may still only have 15 hours of funded entitlement in total.