Baby & Toddler FAQs

Babies and Toddlers

In both the Rainbow and Sunshine rooms we have a separate refrigerator for expressed milk. We ask parents who have children drinking formula milk to bring in the bottle made with the correct amount of boiling water and the already measured powder in a separate container. Staff will then add the powder to the water at the appropriate time.

If bottles require heating we have two baby bottle heaters; a microwave will not be used, ensuring safe practice when warming milk. If a parent requires a quiet area to breastfeed, staff will direct them to an area that is not in use.

Children’s nappies are changed at 10am, 12noon and 3pm, if a child has soiled they will be changed immediately, key workers will work alongside parents if a child requires changing more regularly, both rooms have adjoining nappy changing facilities, your child’s key worker is responsible for the nappy changes of your child.
We do not provide nappies or wipes, we do however provide nappy and suncream for children if parents prefer to use the settings rather than their own.
Both the Sunshine and Rainbow rooms have separate sleep rooms, each child has their own bedding stored in their individual sleep bags, when it is sleep time the children’s cots will be set up with their bedding, sleep rooms are physically checked by a member of staff every 5 minutes, this is recorded on a sleep record sheet, the sleep rooms are also linked to the main baby areas by monitors. Temperatures of the rooms are also monitored, the recommended temperature is between 18-21c. The toddler rooms have their own sleep room, each child has their own bed. The nursery has cosy areas situated in all rooms allowing children to rest when needed.