The Baby Setting

Our specialist baby setting consists of two large spacious rooms, the Rainbow and Sunshine rooms with a separate sleep area, changing area and small sensory room. At Harrison we believe babies are active learners from birth and by providing the right environment and adult support we encourage their natural curiosity and creativity.

We provide a safe, caring environment that is rich in learning experiences. To stimulate the babies senses we provide a multi sensory environment with lots of tactile sensory activities appropriate for the ages and stages of development of the babies. We incorporate the Early Years Foundation Stage as a framework to plan activities. Our team encourages the babies to develop first skills i.e. crawling, sitting, and walking through play and activities.

The babyrooms have access to their own soft surfaced garden which offers lots of space and equipment to develop gross motor skills and enjoy fresh air. Weather permitting we regularly take the babies for walks in prams to the park, beach and local surrounding areas.

Your baby will be assigned a key worker who will be responsible for all their daily needs i.e. feeding and changing. Information regarding your child’s day is recorded on daily diary sheets which are given to parent/carer at the end of each session. Your child’s progress and development are recorded in a Learning Journal which is discussed with parent on Parents Evenings. Any worries or concerns over your child can be discussed with your child’s keyworker.

We work in partnership with parents to ensure continuity of care at home and nursery. We aim to create a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere in order for the babies in our care to thrive. Everything we do is designed to give your baby the best possible standard of care.